Hi, I am Ioana Tudoroiu




I started Iotuopia with the passion of helping people awaken the truth in their hearts and discover how to recreate their lives.

I have completely recreated my life from scratch when everything fell apart.
This was not instant, but it did not take ages either. It’s a process, but after serious work on myself with the help of theta healing I am in a much calmer and confident place.

Now I know on what foundation to build. And how to do it.

I hope your decisions were not so bad to make you sick, like mine were and I hope they made you happy and healthy instead.

But if they did not, it means you were learning how to make choices and take decisions from a different place than you did.

After I healed Marla (my endometriosis), which was quite stubborn to heal as she kept coming back, and completely changed my life (inside and out) I am now happily supporting and teaching people around the world how to get healthy and happy and live passionate soul inspired lives.

No matter how big and heavy your problem may be ( relationship issues, money issues, body health & image, mental balance,career & destiny) or small and easy ( maybe you don’t really have a problem, but just want to improve your life and to aim higher) I am here to offer my help so you choose what is ideal for yourself.

About Theta Healing

There was a time I did not believe in woo-woo stuff. I would’ve probably never believed if I hadn’t been pushed to do all the research I did. And I would have probably never pushed myself to do all the research if I had not been terribly ill and deeply unhappy and broken.

I really hope your decisions did not bring you so far from yourself that you got ill and messed everything up, but if they did, please have trust you can heal, change and turn everything around in your favour if you choose to. ( in your favour to be read as what’s true for your heart and what makes your soul thrive)

And choosing means undoing all self harm and fixing all levels of your life, one by one.

Don’t worry and don’t despair even if it is a loooooot.

Firstly, all the happiness, joy, adventure, freedom, abundance, enlightenment are there to be unearthed.

Secondly, theta healing is a very powerful and fast modality. ( faster than you may expect sometimes;))

Nothing stays the same forever, but if you choose to heal it by conscious choice the transformation occurs from a place of self trust and awareness.

Theta healing is definitely one of the best and most powerful energy work modalities. Anyone can do it and I strongly advise each and everyone of you out there to learn a bit of this amazing tool.

It works for absolutely everything! (If you trust it enough to give it a chance and remain open to new learning)

Theta healing works by connecting to the energy of the All-That-Is. I would simply describe this as the universal life force flowing through everything. One of my favourite sayings is “the universe only pretends to be made of matter, when secretly it is made of love”. Theta healing is exactly that. Tapping into the love flow (God/ the universe or whatever you wanna call it) and witnessing it healing.

This is the bridge between our conscious and subconscious and unconscious parts of our mind and the thought processes which constructed our very own reality.

Vianna Stibal says in one of her books that it takes one atom of unconditional love to change something in the body. The energy works on a subatomic level by commanding the neurons to do something different. ( sometimes changed behaviours towards our bodies is required though)

By shifting into theta brainwave and following a very simple few steps process you can create change and improve any area of your life. (simple is different from easy, but hey, fast change is what you get!)

When healing patterns, feelings and shifting emotional states this amazing modality works in a depth which touches all other areas of life at the same time automatically creating more balance.

When using theta healing for something we want to bring in our life we work with the energy of creation before it becomes manifestation into physical form.
I have always been magical at manifesting, but with theta my manifestations come 5 times quicker at least ( this is calculated by me in real numbers), and this is just the beginning because lots of them are also instant, plus it teaches you deeper awareness and understanding on what’s best for you to ask for and what is not.

As long as manifestations are in alignment, they become reality as fast as you say surprrrrriiiiiise!