About Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness is the most powerful energy work method for creating consciousness available so far. (I am sure as I am writing this, there are brilliant people out there writing unbelievable new methods.)

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If you want to change something in your life, or to make greater things, you have to create some conscious growth and awareness in that area. Access Consciousness is the toolbox for this. It’s very easy, and the progress is exponential.

It empowers you to access your inner knowing by functioning on the organic idea that you know all the answers and gives you tools to access them.

A lot of what you think is not possible is actually available, needing you to update yourself so you can receive it.

It consists of verbal processing, as well as body processes.

Body processes, with the most famous being Access Bars, are used to unlock overload of energy, open the energy flow, clear unnecessary stuff, and bring freedom.

There are 32 bars, points on your head, and lightly touching each of them in a sequence regulates the brain’s frequency, creating physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Access Bars treatment clears malfunctioning electromagnetic charge by allowing your body to naturally let go.

When you have a lot of things running (such as past trauma, anxiety, depression, negative thoughts, beliefs, unresolved emotions and feelings, points of view, ideas, attitudes, decisions), it can prevent you from releasing your inner potential unless you open up the space.

It is scientifically proven that the effects of Access Bars are astonishing by the research of several leading neuroscientists, doctors and psychologists. After doing neurological research, they shared the effects it has on brain coherence and how, by synchronising it with the heart’s field, it creates higher consciousness. They studied its phenomenal effects on anxiety and depression and found faster, longer-lasting improvement than anything else.

Access Bars powers brain coherence so that every function that it needs to perform is done easier and better. After Bars, you will find yourself thinking better, serene, and functioning like new with your focus and creativity increased, feeling high and light.

Access verbal processing is a talking therapy that uses consciousness codes to unlock your paradigm and open up all the multiplicity of choices you have available for creation.
Conscious choice is what changes your life the way you want it.

Clearing your subconscious energy blocks towards what you are looking to achieve is part of the process, and doing this will energise your conscious choice, increasing its power exponentially.

Access is an amazing tool for identifying where you have been creating from and what else is possible for you, which would bring your ideas to life easier, better, faster, and make you happier.

As your intuition magnifies, your communication with Consciousness/Universe/Oness helps you place yourself in the greater scheme of things, supporting you in becoming extraordinary in all that you do by offering you all possibilities.

This sense of possibilities stays with you, bringing real opportunities and extraordinary life changes and invites you to aim higher than you’ve ever dreamed of.

Access will help your inherent meaning become authentic, dynamic forward movement, welcoming you in the cosmic rhythm.

Find the expansion into all that you are, and get the space you need to blossom!

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How I can help you

Would you like to enjoy:

*physical health and vibrancy;

*mental and emotional space and thriving;

spiritual connection and alignment;

a wealthy financial situation;

growth in a career/ business that really suits your soul;

*creative inspiration flow;

*true lasting joy and peace;

*freedom; and

*living all your unique dreams and wishes

Easily and rapidly, through an inspiring process?

If you have unanswered questions about everything, about how life works, and about why you are here or how to move forward or need clarity in a certain area, this is for you.

Answering your most existentialist questions will allow you an understanding of the depth of self, which will allow you to choose from an expanded place.

If you want to level up your dreams, your life, your reality, and to aim higher, this is for you.

If your dreams seem a bit far, you probably have unconscious bias/beliefs in the way of acknowledging how to create/ live/ thrive at your greatest potential.

How much greatness can you create?

How happy do you allow yourself to be?

What is your place in the greater scheme of collective enlightenment?

Create your place in the world and the long-lasting impact that streams from your heart!
Live your dreams now!

Helping my clients metamorphose swiftly and smoothly into the brilliance of their essence is one of the things I’m most passionate about, so if you feel called, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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In-person or online?

For verbal processing, online works just as good as face-to-face because energy is not bound to space-time. Plus, they happen from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere in the world you locate yourself.

How Access Bars Can Empower You

Many people get depressed and anxious because they feel trapped by difficult circumstances or believe they can’t live up to expectations. Access Bars helps you get free from all the ideas, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that you’ve stored in your lifetime.