Having guidance, support and help in our lives is something all of us want, but not many of us really go for or open up to. All of us when coming into this world are tempted to only invest our time and attention into things we can touch, see, hear or anyways experience through the senses we have been taught about, however by not having awareness and higher guidance in our choices we many times create hard and difficult learning experiences for our soul when the path of life is actually something we should thrive on.

Higher guidance is something we all receive ( whether we pay attention or not) and is available to us at any given time in our existence and it comes in many shapes or forms like articles you may accidentally open, inner whispers, traffic signs, people talking next to you on the train to even more subtle ones like deep inner knowing and feelings. Guidance is something very similar to the bonuses we get when playing a game which help you get to target in a so much better way and with a much better score than if we did not get them. Also sometimes they have all kinds of jackpots similar to the surprises the universe has for all of us if we learn our lessons and grow.

However because we are not taught about this amazing help we have, we may ignore it, silence it or simply listen to something else in our choices, without realising our inner guidance is the compass we have for realising our best potential in life. But if your compass has never been used or you may have already developed some destructive patterns which go against your compass and therefore yourself, you may need a little practice but keep breathing, your inner guidance is there. If you are constantly struggling or not completely happy in any aspect of your life it means you are definitely missing cogs from your compass.

I discovered my inner guidance when I found myself in a very confused and dark time in my life even though I had everything I thought I wanted. I have to mention though I did not hear my guidance at that time because I was so stressed out and chaos was in my head, but because I was trying so much to contact it, my guidance was already happening in my life!!! It was even more confusing for some time, but I Iet it happen as I was too traumatized of the inner struggle of unhappiness. However you don’t have to go through that! Call in your inner guidance right now!

Later as I put pieces together I understood everything and I also remembered all the times my inner guidance spoke to me and I did not listen to it and had the awareness of how listening to it would have saved me so much time while I derailed from my path.

Now sometimes your inner guidance may say things which are not necessarily your favourite, but it’s definitely for your best best best.

Your inner guidance is basically a higher way of managing your life stress free, because even when you think you know best, sometimes you may miss some details, little ones, but jackpots for your growth. Things are always much simpler but at same time much deeper than we actually see and if you ‘ve never worked on your energy, you may need to do just a bit of research to see how it works, or get some help from an energy worker, but the best part is that the only thing you need to properly connect to your inner guidance is your intention, and it will work!

Talking to your inner guidance is like talking to your best best friend, just that your best friends may have their own opinions, whereas your intuition is specifically designed to give you best advice which is absolutely unique and personalised for you. It comes from a place inside of you where the known and the unknown merge into one perfectly round icecream scoop.

Yes! Your inner guidance is that delicious because it’s tailormadeforyou!

The deeper you dive within yourself, the clearly you will hear your inner guidance!

So as we found out inner guidance is your best help quick fix save me from this mess tool you may wanna ask where this is coming from?! 😀

GUESS WHAT?! It’s coming from source energy!!! It’s coming where you coming from, and where everything and everyone and everything is coming from!!! And it’s your compass so that you can have a beautiful experience here on Earth even though is hellhard sometimes, if you are here it means you have a purpose and that it’s also worth it!

Decisions is a big word and all of us have to make choices and take decisions on the journey of human learning experience which even though are subject to change, remain still a very confusing thing to most of us, however based on these decisions and choices life takes real form! Everything around you is made of your decisions, choices, thoughts, actions, feelings and beliefs!!!!!!

No matter how good a thinker and problem solver you may be, if you show resistance to your inner guidance, you miss some points, why would you even compete against your own help?!

Even though most of us do that, as we learn we should get clear about big moments in our life ( we ‘ll leave small ones to spontaneity as it is more fun) and can get help and support with our decisions (no matter how big or small) from our inner guidance!

Now the most utterly exquisite thing about your inner guidance is that you can ask it anything, about anyone, about everything and it will tell you the truth! ( if you are ready to hear it, if not, you ‘ll just hear your mind or you won’t hear anything).

One of the best advantages of this I consider to be TIMESAVING because you can ask it straight away when you need to choose something regardless if this is shoes, bags, laptops, electricity supplier, what you should wear/ eat / where you should go today afternoon and soooo on! And then you just go with the decision you are guided to take WITHOUT THINKING about it! Now if you are an overthinker or if you have some trust issues this may be challenging at first, but with practice, this will even tame your issues and save you overthinking time!!!

I understand if you believe it’s kinda odd to ask for laptop choice advice from your inner guidance instead of a techie, but a techie can only know you for the moments you spend in store with them explaining what you looking for vs. your inner guidance which knows you forever and knows everything about you since the beginning of time till the end of time! Knows your past, present and future and can see how you will do with any type of technology you may choose as it knows your own electromagnetic field! This is beyond space-time, beyond matter, actually it comes from the place where everything is created and discreated, even matter’s blueprint comes from the same place as your inner guidance and this is exactly how you can create everything you want in your life through your inner guidance! It will absolutely show you the best way towards what you asked for!

Why you should connect to your guidance even though you think you may not need any guidance is because you don’t know what you don’t know and your inner guidance is there to show you what you don’t see about yourself in a beautiful elegant way without your soul having to create needles chaos or battling because you weren’t aware it is trying to learn some lessons! This is how it knows best how to guide you to your highest purpose ( which btw may be higher than your brain can perceive right now) !

You can connect to your inner guidance anywhere anytime and anyhow and it even works in most emergency cases, but for best results just sit comfortably surrounded by some silence, make a conscious intention to let go of everything else, call forward your inner guidance and CLOSE YOUR EYES!

Your magical inner kinder joy surprise is about to open! Listen carefully and follow up with action!

Now if you hear things which don’t really resonate with you, I would say you don’t know much about yourself and that you should really ask yourself more questions and give yourself honest answers so you can achieve some self awareness because your inner guidance is never wrong, but you may be wrong. And if you believe your inner guidance is leading you farther from your dreams don’t worry, it just knows a better way to take you there than the one you thought of! A shorter, faster, smoother, lighter way!

So…. find your spot…. light a candle if you wish…. breathe deeply…. invite your guidance for a chat, and CLOSE YOUR EYES!

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