Information vs. Knowledge

Knowledge is a term with very broad understanding and definition so I thought of sharing a few words and thoughts about it as knowledge comes into our lives since we are in the mother’s womb and follows us to our death moment and beyond.

Apparently knowledge is defined as facts, information and skills acquired through experience or study; theoretical/ practical understanding of a subject and awareness of a fact/ situation; consciousness, realization, perception, — the two seem slightly contradictory, right?

I think we would be inclined to believe that information is something quite static and written whereas awareness is something you get by being in the moment? Or does the moment get that by being in you? I believe consciousness would be best described as being the totality of the moment.

The way knowledge came to be defined as two separate meanings is because it is both handed down and created in the moment. When we come to Earth for our earthly Experience and we choose certain parents we basically choose the very DNA we gonna incarnate into! ( I really hope you did not think your parents got to be your parents by an undefined drawing lots mechanism, right? They are your parents because you choose them as a soul before incarnating here on Earth so they can gift you with the amazingly unique combination of DNA only you own and also so you can learn certain lessons from each other, but that’s another story! – I took me a while to get this one right but here I am now, sharing with you!)

Information was handed down through the generations and generations, from hundreds and thousands and hundreds and thousands of years ago from our ancestors who got it from their ancestors who got it from their ancestors which are still our ancestors as everything is happening now and we are all one. In the passing down of the knowledge our dear ancestors are giving you all the information they have with the purpose of hoping you will have a better life than they had, they love their dear children and hope the best for them, so this is why we honour them.

However the evolution of a species is assured only through change, and even though I learnt this the hard way, I wanna pass it down the easy way, change is mandatory, search for change, let change happen, make a change, invent a change, welcome change and please get creative with change asap!

If you won’t welcome this change into your life it is gonna happen anyway and I am sure you really don’t wanna be drowned by the wave of change because you are moody and you forgot your surfboard at home! Go get it! Fast!

Now if you are a beginner don’t worry, I was a beginner too, we are all beginners when we begin, but if the universe gonna see you wanting to learn you will receive help and support which you won’t receive by sitting on the shore btw!!!

The change begins where you start sorting your information and cutting between what you wanna keep, what you wanna completely change and what you wanna improve or do better!!

I know this may be very confusing at first when you wanna start new, but you have to take it STEP by STEP and also it’s very important to let the Universe help you and guide you, it knows the way and it is willing to help you and show you, IF YOU OPEN UP AND LISTEN!

Release is a very important step in the process of up levelling your knowledge because if you don’t release it means you won’t really have much space for the new, it means you kind of remain always in the same spot ( which I guess you don’t want at all)!!! This doesn’t mean that the amount of information you hold is limited, because that’s really infinite, I Promise, however the amount of information which you can use at a given time is quite defined. Being human is very very much like a computer in all ways, information, data, web, structuring. You may be able to access infinite information on the web; however your computer’s performances and what it can hold is structured in clear certain numbers.

Release is also very helpful when you may hold contradictory information within yourself which you may wanna clear out so you won’t manifest lots of contradictions in your life hahaha!!!

Clear signs you need to release and change are unhappiness, feeling completely out of balance, depression, anxiety, stress, any kind of disease, entrapment feelings and also feeling consumed.

Contradictory energies may manifest as feelings of misunderstanding, not feeling understood, supported, helped or appreciated!

How can you fix this?!! Well, firstly ask the universe for moments of awareness and signs, pay attention and follow the advice you receive, pick a therapist or an energy worker and work with them ( obviously you can pick me too, but this is beyond 121, this is for the evolution of humanity:P), or the best one is LEARN ENERGY WORK YOURSELF! This way you will start feeling true empowerment, easiness of life and flow. You will start being able to discern what information is best for you, what decisions are best for you and you ‘ll feel closer to God and source energy. As you become closer to God ( yes, you need to get closer to God, God is always very close to you, so close to you you don’t even notice when is shifting from hiding inside of you to behind you to under you to above you!!!) you will be able to discuss and negotiate on your wishes and dreams better and easier!!!!! ( I am sure that’s what we all want deep inside)

Fundamentally all knowledge is good for you, however surely not all knowledge is best for you. Definitely there is a path of information which is best for you, you just need to find it and follow it.

I know is rarely this easy as it sounds as human life is almost rocket science ( especially to souls coming from faaaaarrrrr farrrrrr away) but hey, if you are here it means you chose this and it is for your best to make the most of this. To feel the best you can feel, to look the best you can look, to get your creativity out there in material form as much as possible !!! However this is all your responsibility!!!!! You have free will and this means you have to will and act on something so it can happen! Only you can will and make a change!

So what happens when you find yourself on a planet where you don’t know much about how things work? Well if you wish, you find out! Even if you do know how things work you may still wanna find out so you can improve! Your ancestors left you their greatest treasure, but with that you can’t get further than they got, and as the world is evolving rapidly, I truly believe you wanna get further than that! So…. firstly you may wanna learn how to discern between instinct and inner guidance( intuition). This can only be understood and developed by practice = contacting it and following it!

The difference between the two is thats the former is coming from your ancestors and is mainly concerned with keeping you alive, surviving, whereas the latter is trying to help you raise your vibration to thriving. They are both very good for you and you need both for human life, however guidance is concerning more with the greater aspect of things like your souls purpose and lessons and evolution.

The evolution is pretty much like a revolution happening inside of you!

When you will be at peace with this peace will come around you aswell!

As your DNA holds all ancestral experiential treasure that’s where you need to work on releasing and resolving so you make more space for new creation! As a thumb rule, keep what’s best and release the rest!

Some energies will need resolving though before you are able to release them and make way for new consciousness as time is always now and your ancestors may need some help with these. Don’t worry, you are not wasting your time with their problems, if you are doing this work on your DNA your life will hugely improve in all ways and you basically create new knowledge within yourself and this new awareness will be passed down to your children and make their lives better!

Everything around us is attracted or manifested through our DNA and by cleaning this up you make space for new new! You make space for all your wishes to come true!

There’s lots of information out there, however picking what’s right for you is key. As we are all here to learn, I believe we should find the best way we can to do that and that is by following the guidance we receive. We may not all believe in angels and fairies, however we all have intuition to guide us to the awareness we need so we can learn and grow easily and beautifully.

The reason why we are not ready to take care of the knowledge within and without is because we are usually very scared of change as we think being comfortable will stabilize us, however this is biggest concern of human society. I am sorry to let all of you know that being uncomfortable at times is how we grow and that we should do it with curiosity of life and not with fear. When you know you are doing the right thing and diving in the right direction the love of life will get greater than your fear or uncomfortable feelings and you will find what you are looking for your answers, your healing, your change, your path, your love, yourself.

Rereading And reassessing information is great, however through experience and feelings you will understand what and how to release. How do you really feel is not how you think you feel or how you think you should feel. How you feel is your compass to lead you towards yourself.

Now if your feeling is confused or mixed from too much thinking, I want to invite all of you to reconnect to your breath and breathe deeply down to your stomach in stillness and silence and then you will know what you feel and by this you will know yourself. Your true self not the one you wanna be or the one you hope you would be and you will know your path and your truth.

With this writing I want to invite all of you who are searching for endless knowledge and wisdom within books or seminars or on the web to take a break and try to see how the answers we need come from experience itself if we pay attention to how we feel about things and to the immediate communication in our surroundings.

Information won’t make you smarter or better, but knowledge of self and awareness will guide you towards yourself, and that is happiness indeed!!!

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