self discipline vs. Self discipline – caring for the awareness in us

We are educated to believe that self displine is about following a tight schedule or accomplishing as many tasks as we can in a day, but in this article we will explore a different side of self discipline less met nowadays.

Following a tight schedule and hitting goals on the target many times constricts our heart into a time beating machine. We are not here to function on best timing and we may confuse what highest potential means.

We are taught how pushing ourselves will bring us higher results, higher pay, maybe a better life.

As children we are taught to be ambitious, to strive higher and to become who we are meant to be. Almost like our advisors would have any idea who we were meant to be. This creates subconscious tension within our inner world as we aim to improve ourselves in order to become. We take it as truth that we must give it our best shot. This creates a continuous chase within our psyche and we only think we know what we are chasing for. We see compassion as weakness or as something we only give to the weak out of pity, but we forget the ones who need compassion most is us.

Displine is academically defined as “the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience”. This is where we got it all wrong. Punishment is a very harsh energy which creates destruction within the psyche. This is what creates self punishment programs in the mind. And this is how autoimmune diseases surface.

What creates healing is love and compassion. What creates better learning and higher achievements are love and acceptance. Ambition’s real definition is aspiration, mission, calling, vocation, motivation and not competition. Competition can be useful if it is taught as the means to improve ourselves though self compassion for ourselves and our kin. And our kin is humanity, is nature, and everything which is alive.

Self displine, or disciplining our self is more beautifully and purposefully done under the teachings of our Self. The teaching is always coming though as a form of love and compassion and as our self progresses more of the Self can come through.

The mind is a very powerful and natural creator and needs self displine so that it’s use is maximised into beautiful creations and not random thoughts which lead to unwanted outside manifestations.

Everything is in the mind before it becomes reality, that’s why we want to educate it, but through love is the higher way to do so. The sign of a highly educated mind is calmness and also the love it radiates, and that’s also its greatest achievement, contrary to outside riches or recognition which we mistook it for.

We may be inclined to believe that self control is directly linked to self discipline, however this is true only to a small extent. Self control leads to awareness if it is done through breathing instead on reacting and awareness over time leads to self mastery if it is done in a trustful and loving manner. Self control and self mastery are not related to insensibility or toughness towards ourselves or others because that is unconsciousness, but rather to how much we love ourselves and others and to the attitude we meet our own internal reactions with.

The mastery of our lower self makes space for the virtues in us to blossom and integration from our soul comes forth. Self discipline is a practice we develop in self discovery through self love, over and over again, until we master reacting with love to whatever aspect we may discover. Having self awareness is not always easy as we meet critique everywhere in our society and we have internalised this in the way self criticism turns into hiding from the world, from others and from our own selves. There are parts of us so deeply hidden from ourselves that we they are exposed from our own soul as lessons we become stunned and think we may have gone crazy, when actually they have been there all along the way, while we were so busy integrating the outside world into ourselves in a useless attempt to find the integration we are looking for.

However the integration we are looking for sometimes can happen by itself if we pause to listen to our inner ticking. Like a master watchmaker we are the best artisan for our inner clockwork and life is truly only ours and the flavour of feelings we have must be worked through to become the truest aroma we can for sure embody.

The multitude of feelings we have and experience along the path is like a toolbox for expression, however the way we mix it is up to us. Working through negative feelings we may have consciously or unconsciously stored allows their release in a beautiful manner and makes up more space for mastering love.

It’s like painting a masterpiece with our feelings – all the colours and their combinations. Similar to the vibratory scale of emotions, we will assume dark colours as heavier feelings and light colours as higher vibrations. A painter needs his whole colour palette to express all elements of his composition which may be portraits, landscapes, still life, scenery, but some of these shades may be more predominant than others, setting a tone for the whole painting. The feelings we often go to ourselves are like our tones, our personal nuances, which are contouring for our own experience. These feelings may be our own, may be combination of different feelings, may be results of certain experiences we had in the past or may even be coming from our DNA and we mistake them for ours. A caring self discipline would take these piece by piece and transmute them into higher vibrations, and even though you may have lived with predominantly blue feelings until now and painted with black ( and/or white) you have to remember you always have available the whole palette and that you should use it!

We are the craftsmen of our own reality and we mustn’t be afraid to create, but we must do it with the awareness we will experience our own creations.

For a more solid creation, one which will surely bring you joy, the knowledge of your palette is mandatory, and that requires getting deep with yourself. Now you won’t get to know all of you because you are infinite, but the pleasure of constant self discovery is unbeatable.

The way we feel our feelings (or not) is what makes us take certain actions and behaviours. This is what in time builds beliefs on top of the beliefs and feelings we have within, this is why awareness is key in shifting our perspective, our beliefs and our life.

Caring for ourselves is tending to our awareness in the way most personal to us without pushing our feelings down into the black box of unwanted feelings which later get to create situations or even entire experiences without our approval. This happens because they have been unwanted and they are looking for the only approval which can heal them, our own.

Giving ourselves our own approval comes in the habit of being dedicated to our own hearts, which can never lie to us about how we feel if we listen.

If we take actions in disagreement with our own approval due to beliefs, the tension between our hearts and our minds leads to our subconscious quest of getting approval from elsewhere, which is never gonna solve it and give it the release it needs.

Our feelings are the most precious thing we have as they determine the note we give to our experience. Having awareness over them is what allows us to identify, process and release them. With this process we can become real and work on our energy in a way which promotes experiencing more positive feelings in the future. If we hold on to some of them and don’t process them and let go they might become stuck and replay over and over again.

We all have feelings all the time even though most of the time we pretend we don’t. As a society we are not very well trained to work with these neglecting the importance of how much this could help us progress.

As children we unconsciously let our feelings become very tangled with our parents as information is directly exchanged energetically. This can become very deep rooted patterns in our own life if not consciously studied and released. We are all consciously trying to experience positive feelings but the way this plays out, depends on a little more than that.

A positive attitude towards life is by far one of the greatest goods we can do to ourselves, but our feelings can’t be mastered, only felt. Lots of our less pleasant feelings come from the experience we had mostly as children or from DNA storage and upon these only positive attitude we can have is transmuting and integrating. We think, act and attract our reality based on what we feel and bringing this in balance will bring life in balance.

We can all choose to experience peace, happiness, abundance, joy and love, and for sure this is what we will bring into our experience, but for how long these last is up to our own personal development and energetic vibration.

The universe is infinite and same are its possibilities and we can always create new feelings through new experience, but the releasing to what we holding on to is equally important for our hearts and future.

Updating our DNA information is what our future selves will thank us for and what our children will thank us for and is also how we thank our ancestors` and life`s itself.

This way we care for life in the most elegant way and we become ready to receive the beautiful gifts life has for each of us.

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