Healing is a process of transformation that brings forward your innermost essence, the beauty and uniqueness you intrinsically are, to be seen and admired by the world.

This essence sometimes lies hidden under the impression you have about yourself and about the world and about what kind of life you can create.

Changing these impressions will free your essence to shine.

About Theta Healing

Theta Healing is actually a tool for evolution. When used, it enables you to create a greater life.

It is an ancient transformation and channelling method, and the one who reintroduced it to our time was Vianna Stibal. She created miraculous instantaneous physical healing in her life, and after perfecting the method, she offered it to the world, realising the empowerment and enlightenment it was going to make.

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She believes in making a difference in the world.

Theta Healing is based on allowing divine support into your life through alignment to your intuition.

It works with the energy of All-That-Is/Divine Source/Consciousness to create transformation in any life area.

If you have missing pieces in any area of your life, this can support you in clearing the beliefs that stop them from showing up and filling in any gaps.

Theta Healing gifts you with the higher understanding of your divine essence, your soul and its plan for life. This is not something set in stone, but rather the expansion into the greatest expression of your talents, even the ones you did not know you had.

Theta Healing is a bridge between your consciousness and the subconscious and unconscious impressions you may hold about everything. These play a huge part in the creation of your life, as approximately 95% of choices are made subconsciously.

Making a committed, conscious choice is what precedes change, and clearing your subconscious beliefs is what will make you available to receive what you are asking for.

When your beliefs support your creations, they will come true. You will be able to enjoy not only what you have created, but also the full potential of yourself and what you can actually create.

Theta Healing is very good for exploring your multifaceted life purpose and how the divine grace plays a role in helping you.

It works with your soul’s guidance to transform your beliefs and feelings to empowering ones, DNA activations, reprogramming, readings and more.

Growing from your spiritual lessons into your virtues will help you become the infinite being you are and to be the change you want to see in the world.

What’s so great about it is the depth it goes to when excavating a block you may have and the lightness which comes with this. The power and beauty of this method come from strengthening your connection with the divine and consciously experiencing the energy of creation supporting you to co-create.

A big part of Theta Healing revolves around beautiful self-fulfilment, serene soul-mate relationships, intuitive harmony with nature, thriving businesses and careers, and the energy of miracles.

Expand your success and growth beyond what you considered possible!

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What happens in a session

The sessions bring profound consciousness shifts.

They are transformational, life-changing, and specifically tailored to your needs to clear everything in your way and open up your field so your wishes actualise as if by magic.
What you would like to transform usually has deeper roots, beliefs, and energies keeping it in place the way it is.

In a session, we dig to the root cause and replace it with possibility, choice, and consciousness.

The energy changes unfold from the energy of Oneness/All That Is/Consciousness/Universal Field (in Theta and Gamma brainwaves) and I guide my clients in the expansive Theta meditative state too, so transformation takes place from an empowered, self-aware place.

I mostly use my intuition, with Theta Healing, Access Consciousness, channelled knowledge, and my whole energy work experience at the core.

They contain energy readings and body scanning, digging, muscle testing, processes, DNA upgrades, key questions, identifying core issues and blockages, replacing them with empowering energies and beliefs and openings to possibility, reprogramming, and practical advice moving forward.

What would you like, if, in telluric terms speaking, everything was possible? – that thing, choose that. Let’s open the possibility together!

“It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary!” Elon Musk

Let’s create miracles.

Expect magic!

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What does it feel like to be in theta state?

This is a highly sought-after state of mind because it has an amazing ability to create a heightened spiritual connection and oneness with the universe. With Theta Healing and Access Bars, you can experience life-changing catharses and epiphanies.

What are theta binaural beats used for?

These are beats used in meditation sessions that range from 4 to 8Hz, which is known to guide the mind into the deep and meditative state of theta. This state is known for reduced anxiety and rooted relaxation. Sleep becomes more restful, too, as it promotes a more holistic restart of your body.

What is theta brainwave?

Theta is the border between the mind’s state of being awake and asleep, creating a fine line between the conscious and subconscious. The mind is in a unique cycle of reflection that it is capable of profound growth and healing.

The Power Of Healing

Your mind naturally undergoes different states of consciousness associated with the varying frequencies of the brainwaves: beta, alpha, theta, gamma and delta. Depending on what you are currently doing, these occur simultaneously across different sections of your brain.

In gamma and theta, your mind becomes a beacon of flowing creative freedom, and you can imagine boundless ideas that are unrestrained by logic and physics. Many practitioners, healers, and meditation experts use various techniques to induce this state and facilitate clients.

All you need is an open mind and faith in the process.